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Question by rudolph_barton: Camping Devices?
I love to hike and camp and noticed that alot of the “camelbacks” are in liters and go up to one.five liters. I like to hike year spherical and 1.five liters is absolutely nothing for me. I like to drink a great deal of fluids when I hike. Can any person inform me if there is a camelback that is in gallons, and/or carrys much more than 1.5 liters?
Also with the “mummy” like spleeping bags, which tempature is proper for me? I have seen them say -20F degress up to 30F degrees? Exactly where I camp it can be as cold as 5F degrees . Which tempature sleeping bag will maintain me warm, with no me paying a lot more money on a decrease tempature sleeping bag?
Very last question. Does everyone know exactly where I can get good high quality hiking/camping supplies at very good prices? I adore heading to REI but their prices look a little “out there”. I’ve been to Ebay, and have witnessed some excellent products, but I do not know sufficient about the gear to know if the products are quality merchandise or junk.
Many thanks everybody for taking the time to solution my queries.

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The most significant Camelbak holds one hundred ounces of liquid which is about 2.95 liters and about .779 of a gallon, which is a lot! If you will need more you could carry a 32 oz. drinking water bottle or two. You may possibly also consider you only “want” a great deal of h2o, but don’t actually “need” it?

As for the mummy bags, if it will get down to 5 degrees then go with a 5 diploma sleeping bag. Anything below that is overkill.

There are numerous shops online that offer the exact same top top quality gear as REI for less. REI does have the benefit of unrestricted returns, no inquiries asked, and the capability to join their co-op, saving income by means of a yearly dividend. But there’s also

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