Dairy Free Recipes?

Query by playbyd4: Dairy Cost-free Recipes?
i have a camp coming up on the weekend with my scout group. my problem is that one of the women is allergic to all dairy which signifies no eggs, milk, butter or cream. she is also unable to have any options for these no soy, goats doesn’t help. are there any tips

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Answer by Digby
Hello theres a specific diet plan segment on cookeryclub

to change eggs in baking use one/two tespoon every of baking powder and bicarb of soda,
water or stock can be utilized in tons of milk recipes,
almond, coconut milk and rice milk can all be great substitutes.
Almond is sweet so functions properly with desserts,
rice is nutral so good with all kinds, coconut is wonderful in soups, casseroles and currys.
Great luck – it is quite straightforward when you get your head about it.

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