Easy Camp Cooking Recipes

camping recipes for kids
by DQmountaingirl

Straightforward Camp Cooking Recipes

In search of some uncomplicated camp cooking recipes for your up coming camping trip? I’ve got some great suggestions for yummy straightforward meals that will make sure you your crew. Arranging ahead tends to make the real camp cooking a breeze and pressure free for the cook. I like to total as a lot in my personal kitchen before heading out. Some meals I cook all the way and freeze, other folks I just package goods jointly and other folks do some of the prep at residence to be accomplished off on web site.

Tin Foil is Your Friend

Did you ever make hobo dinners as a child? It’s an speedy meal you perhaps can prep at residence or on site. This truly is far more of a guideline than a recipe given that you can alter the meat, veggies and seasonings to go well with your tastes and creativity. Use a double layer of heavy-duty tin foil. Do not skimp on the tin foil!


Thinly sliced potato
Sliced carrot
Hamburger patty
Garlic seasoning
Sliced onions

Make a packet out of the tinfoil producing certain it is sealed properly and set in the coals on the fire. The potatoes will consider the longest to cook so judge your time by them. Tin foil is fantastic to cook a good deal of things close to a campfire or in coals fish, corn, sweet potatoes, bananas to identify a number of. Assume of it as a uncomplicated camp oven.

Canine on a stick

Small children will want supervision with this but it is a entertaining major dish that everybody gets to cook for on their own.

Sharp green sticks or scorching puppy/marshmallow skewers
Biscuit blend, refrigerated or developed from combine. If manufactured from combine preserve it relatively thick in texture.
Scorching canines or other sausage

Skewer the scorching dogs. Roll the biscuit dough into a strip and wrap around the sizzling puppy on the skewer. Pat in place so it is on genuinely properly. Roast more than coals, turning so the biscuit dough cooks evenly all around the sizzling canine. Finished when the biscuit dough is cooked via. Serve with mustard and relish for dipping. No want for buns!

Most camp cooking recipes are meals we make just about each day but just adapt to outside cooking above a fire or cook stove. Some recipes we by no means make at residence, but preserve for just for camping out which tends to make the trip in addition the food special.

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