Estimated weight of older 12 and/or 16 foot camping trailer?

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by familymwr

Issue by trinitymoonshine: Estimated fat of older 12 and/or 16 foot camping trailer?
Im seeking to acquire a quite small camping trailer and Im wondering about how a lot they weigh. I understand the excess weight will vary. Just hunting for folks who may well have a camper this dimension and know the bodyweight.
Trying to figure out if I will need to trade in my vehicle first.

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Answer by Karle
fat is about 1k-1500lbs on most models….but varies tremendously with gear packed into them……

also a big dilemma with towing them is not so a lot their bodyweight as their most likely hood to “catch” wind heading down the hwy…….which can result in them to fishtail and or rollover……..

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