Flying somewhere and camping, supplies list…please help!?

list of camping supplies
by Ken Lund

Question by Sunshine: Flying someplace and camping, materials listing…please support!?
A good friend and I are flying to St. Louis from Denver for a three day songs festival. We had been intended to be camping in a camper with her boyfriend, nonetheless he broke up with her. So, we want to camp. What do we require to get and what can we take considering that we are flying. Like a listing of what we will need to have damaged down into what we have to consider on the plane and what we can get the moment we get there would be Amazing!! Thank you so much!

We are heading to Summercamp, anybody else heading?!

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Answer by skiingted
That truly sucks about the breakup. With the excess weight and baggage restrictions on planes now I would initial locate out the additional price for all that gear. A dufflebag would help to pack your sleeping bag and outfits in. You can dress in your jacket on board. You’ll want a flashlight minumum, a modest cooking stove, and dishes. Sound discouraging nevertheless? Just watch the fat restrictions.
I am frightened to say, You might find it price prohibitive to get the trip.

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