Pickup Truck Tent- Full Size Regular Bed (6-6.5') - MODEL 57022

Pickup Truck Tent Pickup Truck Tent Door Pickup Truck Tent Window Pickup Truck Tent Floor

Model 57022 SIZING CHART
Chevrolet C/K
GMC Sierra
Audi AllRoad, Q5, Q7
Nissan Titan
Chevrolet Silverado
Mazda 5, CX-7, CX-9, MPV, Tribute
Dodge Ram
Toyota Tundra
Ford F Series

Full Size Regular Bed (6-6.5') Pickup Truck Tent- Model 57022     $259.99 Plus $15.00 S/H

For those who want to really blend in to your hunting or fishing adventures, we have camouflage tents that look awesome in the great outdoors. These tents are only available for the models listed in the Above Chart.

Camo Pickup Truck Tent- Full Size Regular Bed (6-6.5') - CAMO MODEL 57122

Camo Pickup Truck Tent Camo Pickup Truck Tent Door Pickup Truck Tent Window Camo Pickup Truck Tent Rainfly

Camo Pickup Truck Tent- CAMO MODEL 57122  $319.99 Plus $15.00 S/H



We have other size Pickup Truck Tents to fit nearly every truck on the road today.

Models and Available Sizes    $259.99 Plus $15.00 S/H
Choose Model


Model No: 57011 - Full Size Pickup Truck Tent Long Bed (96-98")
Chevrolet C/K Chevrolet Silverado Dodge Dakota
Dodge Ram Ford F Series GMC Sierra
Nissan Titan Toyoto T-100 Toyoto Tundra
Model No: 57044 - Compact Pickup Truck Short Bed (72-74")
Chevrolet S-10 Chevrolet Colorado GMC Canyon
Ford Ranger GMC S-15 GMC Sonoma
Isuzu Hombre Jeep Camanche Mazda B Series
Nissan Frontier King Cab Toyota Hilux Mitsubishi Pick-up
Nissan Frontier Toyota Hilux Toyota Tacoma
Model No: 57077 - Mid Size Short Bed (72-78")
Dodge Dakota Toyota T-100  
Model No: 57099 - Mid Size Crew Cab (65")
Dodge Dakota Crew Cab Mitsubishi Raider Toyota Tacoma ( up for inch box)
Model No: 57890 - Full Size Crew Cab (68-70")
GMC Sierra Chevrolet Silverado
Dodge Ram
Ford F Series Nissan Titan
Toyota Tundra
Model No: 99949 - Full Size (67")
Chevy Avalanche Cadallic EXT


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