Q&A: Camping gear not already on the list?

Query by Noah: Camping gear not already on the checklist?
Hey I turned fifteen recently and I am heading camping for my birthday. I have a sensation I am forgetting some essential factors on my checklist. ^ people are going, my more youthful brother, my older brother (26 yrs previous) my brother-in-law my Dad and a friend of mine. We have a three man or woman tent and a five individual tent (will that be enough room for six men and women?) We are going to the mountains to do some hiking and probably some fishing (we have fishing rods) Here is what I have so far on my record (oh, and some great snack/foods/drink ideas would be wonderful!) (star * is for need, no star is for would be useful but don’t will need, and two stars ** is for actually want)
Camping gear checklist:

*7 sleeping bags [_]

4-6 tarps [_]

*Matches [_]

*Stove and fuel [_]

*2-4 lamps [_]

*Flashlights/batteries [_]

Paper towels [_]

Dishes/utensil for eating/cooking [_]

*Can opener [_]

*Knives/instruments [_]

**Very first help kit [_]

*Rope [_]

Cooler/ice [_]

Sleeping mats [_]

**TENT(S) [_]

**Drinks (Soda, water, juice ect.) [_]

Whistles (minimal getting lost precaution) [_]

Bear Spray [_]

*Cloths [_]

**Food (Bread, soup, snacks ect. [_]

*Bug spray [_]

Anti mosquito torches [_]

Hiking boots [_]

**Cell Phones [_]
We are on a variety of tight spending budget, so if you could keep that in thoughts it would be excellent! Thank you so significantly!
P.S. some of this things we currently have, it’s just a checklist! Nearly anything lacking? Many thanks!

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Remedy by chris w
Right here is a far better examine listing

http://www.rei.com/expertadvice/content articles/household+camping+checklist.html

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