Q&A: Cheap Camping Tents????

Question by Ryan: Low cost Camping Tents????
I will need a low cost tent….. all i can locate is 4-5 man or woman tents for $ 70 and up?? i use to be in a position to uncover them for $ forty tops.. i want some support locating some inexpensive ones. sick get a tarp and place it more than my truck bed befor spending $ 70 – $ a hundred on one lol, critically tho, completed it befor will do it yet again

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Reply by bean.
Effectively, you may well want to devote a night in your truck bed!
I went camping two weeks in the past and we looked all about the town (Dallas TX, so feel me, we looked a great deal) and the most affordable 1 that we could locate was for $ sixty at Walmart (there had been two for a penny more affordable at Target – $ 59.99).

This is the precise one:

Whilst we only required to use it for one weekend, we returned it to the shop and mentioned that it didn’t incorporate all of the parts and was useless.
It was flawlessly great, but we just wished to be certain we got our funds back again.

I am with you on the prices even though.
Tents are way more pricey these days than they employed to be.

1 other issue:
If you are a quick individual, or won’t head sleeping curled up for a small while, there are little ones tents for as low as $ 20 (also at Walmart or Target). I’m 5’2″ and I tested a set-up one particular at the shop and I in shape properly. Ended right at my head and ft though, but it could function if you only needed it for a evening or two and had been not that tall.

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