Q&A: Flying somewhere and camping…supplies list…please help!?

Query by Sunshine: Flying someplace and camping…supplies listing…make sure you assist!?
A pal and I are flying to St. Louis from Denver for a 3 day new music festival. We were meant to be camping in a camper with her boyfriend, nonetheless he broke up with her. So, we will need to camp. What do we want to get and what can we take since we are flying. Like a listing of what we want to have damaged down into what we have to get on the plane and what we can get when we get there would be Amazing!! Thank you so much!

We are going to Summercamp, anybody else going?!

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Reply by Melissa D
a tent, air mattress, sleeping bags, non-perishable meals, plenty of h2o, toiletries, bug spray, sunblock, toilet paper (it sucks if the port-a-potties operate out), and make confident you provide double the sum of clothing you think you ought to deliver. Hope I served

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