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How to Buy Used Camping and Hiking Gear

Buying used camping and hiking gear can save you a bundle, but first you have to know where to look.

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camping at Yosemite Park, CA?

Question by Roby: camping at Yosemite Park, CA?
I’m trying to get some information for The Yosemite Nationwide Park, and i was questioning if someone could help me with some terms:

a) what is the big difference amongst “campground” and “campsite” ?
b) what does it imply Rv-Complete hookup and RV-non hookup?
c) RV Internet site – Pull-thru – Drinking water/Electrical: why it is specified “water/electrical”?
d) Campsite – Tent only – No hookups: what it indicates “No hookups”? Is this necessaryy for camping?

Very best reply:

Solution by jac
A…..campsite is in which you put your tent, campground is everybody else’s campsite.
B…Rv-total hookup…is h2o/electric, rv-non hookup isn’t going to have something
C….contact them…possibly just a normal hookup
D….no rv services…just tent only….plus I do not think there is any sewer hookup……enjoy

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