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Looking for Group Camping sites in California?

Question by jayyhdez: Searching for Group Camping web sites in California?
Hey so I am organizing a camping trip for our youth group at church and I am seeking for a camping website for about 20-35 men and women. We are seeking for tent camping grounds not RV or Cabins. A location in Nor-Cal would be prefered also. So if everyone is aware a very good spot to go, the information would be tremendously appreciated!

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Reply by jst4pat
Our scouts camped @ Sunset State Beach, New Brighton State Seashore/Park both in the Santa Cruz/Aptos Region..and the Russian River area..close to the town of Gurneyville..Also attempt Casa De Fruita by Hollister..Have a excellent time..

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I am looking for some cheap camping supplies?

Question by Whytemeet: I am seeking for some cheap camping materials?
I am heading camping with an aged pal who I just found was acquiring an affair with my wife. He does not know I know about it but. I am searching for some low-cost camping supplies. I have the basic things: tent, sleeping bag, pillows, blankets, cooking supplies. I am seeking for chloroform, rope, shovel and a hunting rifle. I do not want to invest much cash so any suggestions would be valuable, thank you!

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Reply by Cableguy
DAMN did you invite the wife as well??/

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