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I am looking for some cheap camping supplies?

Question by Whytemeet: I am seeking for some cheap camping materials?
I am heading camping with an aged pal who I just found was acquiring an affair with my wife. He does not know I know about it but. I am searching for some low-cost camping supplies. I have the basic things: tent, sleeping bag, pillows, blankets, cooking supplies. I am seeking for chloroform, rope, shovel and a hunting rifle. I do not want to invest much cash so any suggestions would be valuable, thank you!

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Reply by Cableguy
DAMN did you invite the wife as well??/

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What are some easy camping recipes?

easy camping recipes
by iamos

Issue by Mommie-0f-4: What are some straightforward camping recipes?
We are heading camping and staying in a cabin for four days, Id like to know what are some simple recipes to make for dinner?

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Answer by kenzels09
take two pieces of bread, place butter on the outdoors, the spread pizza sauce on both pieces, then set shredded cheese, and things like pepperoni, mushroom, green pepper, and so on. then put in pan above fire and flip right up until golden brown on equally sides then its done!

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